In honor of Valentine’s Day I’d like to say a few words about the man that I share my life with.

He is patient,  though I rarely am.   He is hard working and does not complain, though most days I feel as though that’s all I do.  He is interesting and intelligent,  and has the kind of sense of humor that anyone can appreciate.  His heart is large and full of kindness.   He puts G9d first.  He’s easy going and allows me to take charge almost always,  because he knows that being in control is important to me.   He’s also there to pick up my slack when I inevitably fail at trying to do too much.

My husband is my best friend.   I was just shy of 29 when we met,  and it didn’t take me long to know that he was “the one”.  We’ve had a bumpy road,  but it’s just made me appreciate the journey all the more.   Never before have I felt so content and comfortable in my own skin.  Being his wife has brought me more happiness than I could have imagined.  

I love you,  Joe.  Here’s to many more Valentine’s Days that include Netflix and naps.


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